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Wall Putty

Ideal Wallmate - White cement based wall putty

Presenting you Ideal Wallmate - White cement based wall putty, latest addition to the Ideal Drymixes product family. Ideal Wallmate, the best friend to your walls and ceilings help to even your cement plastered walls and ceilings giving it a beautiful, silky smooth and strong finish. It helps further decorations like painting and texturing be done with ease and perfection. Your exterior or interior wall surfaces get a fresh, appealing facelift with Ideal Wallmate. It prevents flaking of paint, fills all fine pores and due to its high water resistant properties prevents moisture and dampness spoil your walls.
Preparation of putty paste  
Ideal Wallmate is delivered to you in a fine powder form. Transfer Ideal Wallmate wall putty powder into a clean tray / container and mix slowly with water. Water required will be approximately 40% of the volume of powder. Mix vigorously for about 10 minutes to prepare paste of desired consistency, free from lumps and dry substances. Prepared putty paste must be used within 2-3 hours of preparation for best results.
Treatment of surface before application  
Surface should be made clear of dirt, dust, grease, oil or paint before application. Wire brush, putty blade or brush can be used to clear all the foreign particles. All loose / organic materials must be removed and old painted surface should be scrubbed and cleaned with emery stone or paper. Surface must be cured with water for easy and effective application.
Apply a first coat of Ideal Wallmate wall putty uniformly, maintaining even levels with putty blade / trowel from bottom to top. Once the first coat is dried completely, apply a second coat of putty paste limiting the total thickness of both the coats together to 1.5 mm. allow the coats to dry completely before using fine emery paper to clean the surface from application marks or other undulations. Once cleared it is ready to be painted if necessary. Mild use of water for curing is also recommended before painting.
Ideal Wallmate wall putty should be stored in a dry area and is safe for a period of about 12 months if kept in the factory pack unopened. Once opened, use the product within 4 hours. Resealing and reusing after opening the pack is not recommended.
Due to its cement base, Ideal Wallmate is more durable
Ideal Wallmate  Wall Putty is white cement based putty and Hence possesses good binding property
Ideal Wallmate Wall Putty covers more surface area exceeding 20 Sq. ft./kg. In 2 coats on a new plastered wall
Ideal Wallmate Wall Putty resists dampness and moisture
Prevents flaking of paint and requires less paint due to low absorption.
No primer coat is required.
Better appearance due to very high whiteness of Putty
Consistency in quality as it is made under stringent quality control with tested ingredients
Ultimate cost is less due to long life span, eliminated primer cost, less paint consumption and increased coverage
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