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Tile Glue

Ideal Tilemate - Tile Adhesives

Another quality product from the Ideal Drymixes family, Ideal Tile Adhesive is a cement based formulae for wall and floor tile fixing. It is suitable for tiles and natural stones fixing on interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical surfaces. Due to its high water resistance and non slip properties it is also ideal for bathroom and swimming pool tile lying. Ideal Tile Adhesive is sketched to meet standards of 3 – 6 mm thickness for wall / floor tiles, vitrified tiels, mosaics, terrazzo, marble, natural stones etc; Ideal Tile Adhesives are non slip with high performance for interior and exterior surfaces. With an open time of 30 – 45 minutes, it provides high workability and cost efficiency.
Surface preparation  
Surface preparation is important prior to use of Ideal tile adhesives for best quality, level, economy and durability. Clean surface from foreign substances like wax, grease, dirt, chemicals, and solids etc; that would interfere with the adhesive bond and clear leveling. Holes, joints and cracks should be filled and should be leveled with any cement based materials like Ideal polymer mixed premixed plaster. Required drying time should be allowed for surfaces may it be concrete / concrete block walls, clay brick walls. Cement / sand screed, cement / sand rendering etc;
Tile paste preparation  
Add Ideal Tile adhesive powder to clean water and mix vigorously until a slump-free paste is obtained. Approximately 30% water is required for the volume of tile adhesive powder.The paste thus prepared is ready to be used. An approximate 3 – 4 hours of pot life can be expected in normal temperature conditions.
Spread Ideal tile adhesive in layers maintaining water levels. It is recommended to spread not more than 1 Sq mt. in a stretch. Comb the adhesive to the required depth (between 3-6mm) using a suitable trowel. Press the tiles firmly into position with a slight twisting action, checking periodically that good contact is maintained with the back of each tile. Leave no voids behind tiles when solid-bed fixing. Tiles should be fixed within 20 minutes of adhesive being applied, depending on the porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions. Tiles can be adjusted up to 5-10 minutes after fixing. Touch the adhesive ribs periodically and if a skin has formed, remove the adhesive and apply a new layer. Leave adequate joints between individual wall and floor tiles unless self spacing tiles are used. Clean off surplus adhesive from the tile face and between joints. Avoid using in damp conditions.
This will depend on the nature and flatness of the surface and the method of application, but at 3mm thickness it is approximately 3.5 Kg/m² when using a solid-bed trowel. For good coverage, It is vitally important that all surfaces should be clean, smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.
Ideal Tile Adhesive should be stored in a dry area and is safe for a period of about 12 months if kept in the factory pack unopened. Once opened, use the product within 4 hours. Resealing and reusing after opening the pack is not recommended. Approximate pot life to be expected is     30 – 45 minutes from preparation of paste. Allow approximately 24 hours prior to foot traffic.
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