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Manplast - Readymix plaster

Ideal Manplast (CEMIX-H) - Readymix Plaster for Manual Application

Introducing Ideal Plastering Drymix for manual application. Ideal Manplast (CEM MIX – H) is a ready-to-use cement based plaster dry mix made with quality Portland cement, cleaned & graded sand and hydrated lime. The unique combination makes this product a magical solution for total material procurement, transport, lifting, storage etc at work site. It is marketed in 50 Kg bags. All you need to add is clean water and do plaster in conventional manner. It is quick, has reliable adhesive strength, anti-cracking property and durability that is simply unmatched.

Why choose Ideal Plaster mix?    
Saves cost, time and storage space: Through easy and quick application method, Ideal Manplast cut down cost of labour, supervision and working time to a considerable extend. Storage space requirement is reduced by 50% compared to conventional methods, resulting in overall cost saving.

Consistent quality: Ideal readymix plaster guarantees consistent quality throughout the plastering area as the same proportion of ingredients is maintained in any given volume. Cement to sand ratio of 1:5 (1 part of cement: 5 parts of sand) with high grade cement and sand ensures top quality

Reduced supervision requirements: Reduced supervision requirements Ideal readymix plaster is delivered in bags of 50 Kgs with materials mixed in proper ratio which is ready to use. Hence only nominal supervision is required during mixing and application.  

Stable Pricing: Customers are guaranteed stable price for the product over a reasonable period of time and they need not worry about frequent fluctuation in market price of main ingredients - sand and cement. 

Fair pricing: Ideal readymix plaster pricing has been done after in-depth market study and product testing and proves to be fair when compared with the cost of conventional plastering methods. Hence great quality at justified price is assured. 

Works well with any volume of work: Works well with any volume of work: Ideal Manplast is ideal for large volume plastering jobs as well as minor repair or maintenance jobs. Ease of application, quality of finish and cost holds well irrespective of volume of work.

Great quality at justified cost: Ideal Manplast is prepared from treated & pre-washed sand of uniform grade, blended with superior grade cement, and lime at factory to ensure perfect plastering of higher durability & finish 

Zero wastage: Material wastage is cut down drastically since no cleaning / screening of sand is required. Wastage due to improper mixing of materials is also avoided.

Ideal for any plastering surface: Ideal readymix plaster is fit to be used on any plastering surfaces like brick wall, hollow brick wall, concrete blocks etc; and even for fresh tile laying. It can be used for internal or external plastering alike

Easy availability in any season: Ideal plastering mix is readily available in any season of the year with zero change in quality of the ingredients. Scarcity of sand or cement does not affect the availability of Ideal plastering mix anytime  

Durable and long storage life:Ideal plastering mix comes in tamper proof and dampness resistant packing and has a shelf life of over 6 months in controlled environment

For best results, following application method is recommended

Keep substrate moist before application; free from dust, loose materials, projections at mortar joints etc; It is a good practice to hose down the substrate with clean water before application. It is advisable to make level pads to control thickness, plumb and line. Earmark area for day's work and work horizontally from top to bottom. Make sure quantity of wet mix prepared is used up within 30 minutes & never remix after this period. It is recommended to closely hack or use splatter dash of same material along with bonding agent for smooth substrates like concrete soffit and fix strip of lath (PVC/GI) in joints of dissimilar materials like concrete/block work to avoid cracks. PVC corner beads fixed on external angles are also recommended.  

Post application tips Ideal Readymix plaster attains strength for further trades like putty work and decoration after intermittent mist curing (Light spray) for approximately three to four days. It is advisable not to expose rendered surface to direct sunlight for a week's time.

Technical Specifications
Product Name
IDEAL Manplast (Technical Name: Cemix-H)
Use / Function
Bagged Drymix for manual internal & external render
Main Ingredients
Portland cement, cleaned & screened sand, lime
Quantity of water to be added
Approx. 25% of the mix, to get workable consistency
25 sq.ft / 50 kg of drymix at an average 15mm thickness
50 kg HDPE laminated bags
Strictly away from dampness
Compressive strength value
3 days – 3 N/mm² 7 days – 4.8 N/mm²
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