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Ideal Sprayplast - Readymix Plaster for Machine Aided Application

Plastering takes up atleast 30% of time and labour requirements in a construction site. These modern days that demand lower project completion time and higher quality results leaves traditional manual plastering methods crippled. Shortage of quality labour or just any labour for that matter has become a severe challenge for the building industry in present times. Limited availability of quality sand which is an important factor for good wall or ceiling plastering gives additional headaches too.

This is where readymixed plaster materials and machine applied plastering methods turns to be a boon for the builders or contractors. Machine applied plastering simply means plastering done with the aid of a machine by skilled labour team. The complexities of procurement of materials, mixing it in the right proportion over a large volume, storage and usage is drastically cut down by premixed plaster. Problems like shortage of labor, time constraints, consistency over a large area of work etc; is reduced to a noticeable limit with the spray plastering machine. A guaranteed triple times faster plastering speed can be attained by machine applied plastering over manual plastering.

Ideal drymixes, after in-depth research, tests and studies have formulated the ideal mix for machine applied plastering - Sprayplast, one of the successful first in the region. Normal premixed plaster material or traditionally mixed material cannot be used in machine application, but with special additives Ideal Sprayplast have proved to be just the right answer. This answer will help you open doors to a new world of speed, economy, quality and ease. A faster completion of your work can be attained and you will be only pleased to recalculate your earlier benchmarks.

Advantages of Machine aided plastering using Ideal Sprayplast

Faster finishing time: Use of Ideal Sprayplast with a spray plaster machine reduces completion time by about 60%. A triple of finished surface per day with the same work force is guaranteed
Better quality and consistency: Due to the high quality admixtures used in Ideal Sprayplast for machine aided application, a higher quality and consistency for any given volume of work can be attained. Our international standard plastering mix holds better and strongly to the surface than any others. It is resistant to cracking or flaking and gets the smoothest finish due to the perfectly screened sand and A-grade cement
Reduces labour shortage issues:Since work can be done in a tune of about three times that of manual plastering, requirement of labour is cut down drastically. The machine handles multiple works of mixing and spraying at the right proportion and levels. Labours thus saved can be deployed other where which contributes to overall project completion speed
Increase your daily output:The speed discussed above increases your daily output which proportionally brings down the hand over time. This invites better revenue and higher reputation for your company
Other general wall plastering worries resolved:Machine aided application will be a solution for most of your wall plastering worries. By using premixed plastering material, you solve the issues of procurement of quality sand and cement separately, fluctuating prices of sand and cement, consistent mix for consistent quality, supervision requirements, storage and alike. With premixed plastering material in the deck, machine applied plaster wins the race to solve your other headaches like time constraints, labour shortage etc;

Machine applied plastering – An overview of its procedures

Preparation of surface:Wall surface should be clean and free from grease, oil, paint, organic matter, nails etc; column joints must be covered with mesh and electric / plumbing spaces should be protected with dry cloth or paper. Surface should be wet before spraying of Ideal Sprayplast. It is recommended to use metal / fiber level indicators for attaining correct plastering levels and wastage of material
Application:After the surface is well prepared, Ideal Sprayplast - readymix plaster for machine aided application is sprayed with the spray plastering machine in two coats, allowing the first coat to set before the second coat is applied. Once the second coat is set as required, it can be leveled manually using a plastering float. The leveled surface is then finished and smoothened with trowel manually
Curing:Curing is important for any fresh plastered surface and also for surface plastered with Ideal Sprayplast - readymix plaster for machine aided application. Curing with clean water in intervals of 12 hours is recommended for the first week and daily for the next 2 weeks for a strong, healthy, long lasting wall
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