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Ceiling Application

Ideal Ceilingplast is an international standard product from Ideal Drymixes to take your ceiling plastering jobs to a new smarter level. By using high quality polymers and other admixtures Ideal Ceilingplast can be applied directly to a raw concreted ceiling surface (RCC) and avoids the use of other plastering, wall putty or even painting

Ideal Ceiling plaster is cement based plastering mix with ready to use compounds of inert filler materials, for use on all common types of interior building surfaces. They give a high quality and even surface for painting or other finishes as required. These are suitable for both precast and conventional buildings. Ideal Ceilingplast can be applied directly to either new or old solid surfaces of pre-cast concrete, aerated concrete, sand/cement, fairfaced and level brickwork, etc. When used for finishing ceilings, Ideal Ceilingplast final coat may be left spray textured, in which case no further decoration is required. The finished plaster surface does not require priming before painting.


Ideal Ceiling plaster compounds are formulated from a selected blend of polymers and precisely graded fillers which are

• Easy to use
• Do not flake off
• Have high adhesion power
• Have high coverage
• Quick drying
• Vapour permeable

Ideal Ceilingplast Basecoat : Ideal Ceilingplast has cement based, ready-mixed compound with inert filler materials as basecoat. It is formulated to be applied on a wide range of interior surfaces in coats up to 7mm in thickness. Surfaces which require rendering of more than 7mm thickness, special grade premixed ceiling plaster can be used as basecoat.

Ideal Ceilingplast Finishcoat: Following the base coat, Ideal Ceilingplast finish coat is applied for use in all areas requiring up to 3mm coat thickness. It is white cement based ready-mix compound with added polymers and is used as a finishing coat for plaster Basecoat. Ideal Ceilingplast Finish coat has smooth and white finish. When used for finishing ceilings, the final coat may be left spray textured, in which case no further decoration is required.
Both the base coat and finish coat is applied manually using steel edged spatula and also with the aid of plastering pumps for texture finish. Ideal Ceilingplast finish coat is an off white, cement based, ready mixed compound ideal for use on all interior areas requiring up to 3mm coat thickness. Applying this finish coat avoids the need for any further wall fillers (putties, stucco etc) and primers prior to painting. Although the surface can be left unpainted due to its white, smooth finish, only 1-2 coats of paint is required if painting is considered necessary. When applied to ceilings, finish coat can completely be left uncoated - with an esthetically pleasing texture - eliminating the need for any further painting work.


Cost and time saving: Due to the easy application possibilities of Ideal Ceilingplast, time is saved remarkably. As ceiling plastering, putty works or painting is avoided completely, an increased coverage with the same cost and labor is guaranteed.

Easy application: The high workability of the plaster makes it easier to apply and level the material - resulting in a higher quality finish.

Highest quality: : The products are factory mixed and all ingredients are controlled and subjected to strict quality control procedures ensuring consistency of product and dependable quality.

Flexibility: : Ideal Ceilingplast is a polymer based plaster which gives the product an in-built flexibility not existing in traditional plaster - this factor helps to reduce cracks.

No cracks: : Ideal Ceilingplast is based on fillers which follow strictly monitored particle size distribution curves - hence free from cracks.

Weight reduction: : Ideal Ceilingplast use a thin-coat, light weight plastering system. This gives substantial reductions in plaster weight - 10mm of plaster done by quickplast will weigh approx. 18kgl m'; a traditional plaster at the minimum applicable thickness of 15mm will weigh approx. 33kg/m'. A weight reduction of 45% is thus achieved

No curing: Generally no curing is required. Traditional plaster requires curing for 7 days.

Perfect adhesion: Due to the cement base and admixtures of the compound used, adhesive strength is exceptionally high.

No curing: Generally no curing is required. Traditional plaster requires curing for 7 days.

No primers: Our finish coat material eliminates the need for stucco and primer prior to painting - saving time and money.

Attractive textures: Ceiling applied with Ideal Ceilingplast can be left optionally with an attractive texture - and does not require any additional coating or paint.

Environmental friendly: Ideal Ceilingplast use raw materials which are all water based, applicator friendly and environmentally safe.

Application Procedure  
Surface Preparation:
Ceiling surface is prepared for basecoat application ensuring all nails, tape, concrete drippings, binding wires and any other protrusions are removed. The level of the ceiling is rectified if necessary. Please note that major substrate defects will use up higher volume of material and may incur additional expenditure.

Ideal Ceilingplast Basecoat is applied on the prepared surface where rectifications at construction joints, uneven levels etc; are required mesh can be used. After allowing drying completely, 1-2 coats of finish coat is applied. Finish coat generally takes only 60 minutes time to be cured.
Technical data
Material used
Ready mixed plaster in paste form
Formulated from cement binders and precisely graded fillers
pH Value
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